Our Cattery

At Orchard Farm, we have our own cattery where pet owners in Surrey and Sussex can leave their feline friends with us on a day or short-stay basis. Importantly, our cattery is situated a good distance away from our main boarding kennels so you’ll never need to worry about cats and dogs coming into contact. Ample indoor space is available and we provide covered outdoor runs so that your pet can retain a sense of freedom and independence.

Our cattery is equipped with comfortable beds, handy scratch posts and automatic heat lamps within each individual space which we use as a compulsory measure during the colder winter months. Please note that Orchard Farm apply a small nightly charge for this service.

Before arriving at our cattery near Redhill in Surrey, all cats must have had their annual booster alongside a signature from your veterinarian in the Vaccination Record Book. Please present your record book to our receptionist on arrival. Kittens must have received both sets of injections before staying at our cattery.

If required, we can provide a collection and delivery service anywhere in the Surrey or Sussex areas. Please note that cats must be collected and delivered in a suitable cage. Please remember to send all vaccination certificates when using our collection and delivery service or our cattery will be unable to accommodate your pet on arrival.