Commonly Asked Questions About our Boarding Kennels in Surrey


Orchard Farm Kennels is located in the Outwood area of Surrey. Our dog boarding kennels and cattery are easily accessible from all major road systems and provide pet owners with a handily-placed facility that genuinely cares about the welfare of animals. We provide animal day boarding services and also look after pets for families going on holiday.


We receive a large number of questions about our boarding kennels. This is something we welcome because we want clients in Surrey to always feel confident and reassured when they leave their pets in our care. This blog post answers some of the more common questions we receive about our dog boarding and cattery facilities.


Will my pet be happy at your boarding kennels?


Absolutely. We’re located in a 90-acre site that sits in mile after mile of amazing Surrey countryside. Clients who are looking to use us for dog boarding should know that we provide exercise twice daily and also give playtime to their pets.


Orchard Farm Kennels will give your pet an exhilarating run-out irrespective of whether you are using our facilities in Surrey for long-stay or animal day boarding.


I’ve never used a cattery before? Will my pet be safe and comfortable?


Yes. Firstly, we like to remind pet owners that our cattery is situated a safe distance away from our dog boarding kennels. This means there will never be any contact between cats and dogs. Our Surrey cattery is equipped with stimulating playthings and covered outdoor runs ensure your pet has plenty of freedom and independence.


If you use our cattery during autumn or winter, we can provide heat lamps at a small additional cost to ensure your pet stays warm and comfortable.


My dog doesn’t get on well with other pets. Will dog boarding still be suitable?


We take precautions to ensure dogs never come into contact with each other so you can use our boarding kennels and animal day boarding facilities without having to worry about conflict or fighting. The only exception is when a customer with two or more pets uses us for dog boarding and would like their animals to stay together.


What is the difference between animal day boarding and a longer stay?


The only real difference is the amount of time you leave your pet at our Surrey boarding kennels. With animal day boarding, our customers have a handy option available if they have appointments to attend and can’t leave their pet at home or with somebody else.


Longer stays tend to be used by families who are going away on holiday and can’t take their pet with them. We also cater for clients who need to use our dog boarding kennels or cattery while they are away on business or taking care of personal matters.


Call us today on (01342) 842258 to discuss animal day boarding or longer stays at our popular dog boarding kennels and cattery in Surrey.

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