Enjoying an Outside Life at Our Animal Day Boarding in Surrey


Everybody loves the sunshine and at Orchard Farm Kennels in Surrey, we provide an outdoor life for your pet during their stay at our dog boarding kennels and cattery. Exercise and an outdoor lifestyle will be a constant feature for your pet while you’re away because animals, just like people, react in certain ways to all manner of things including the weather.


Whether you are using us for animal day boarding or leaving your pet with us for a longer stay, we ensure they’ll get plenty of outdoor time. Our cattery and dog boarding kennels always look to make the most of good weather and because we’re located in close proximity to many miles of Surrey countryside, your pet will receive a host of outdoor benefits.


Fun in the Sun for Feline Friends


Cats are one of the few animals that don’t need Vitamin D through the sun. In the wild, felines hunt at night and obtain Vitamin D through eating prey. Domestic cats get Vitamin D from their food so our Surrey cattery always makes sure there are provided with a suitable diet when you’re away.


The truth is that cats just love the sun so our boarding kennels always provide your own pet with the type of lifestyle that makes them feel happy, calm and relaxed, whether they are with us for animal day boarding or long-term boarding. Naturally, we pay close attention to certain breeds because some are more susceptible to health problems if they have too much sunlight exposure.


The team at our cattery and dog boarding facilities in Surrey are very knowledgeable about these breeds and are aware of exactly how much outdoor time your pet needs.


Delightful Days for Doggies in the Countryside


Unlike cats, dogs do gain Vitamin D from the rays of the sun and this is why they are often found out in the garden making the most of the warmth. Our animal day boarding and long-stay kennels make sure your dog is exercised daily and always has the chance to receive the natural benefits of sunlight and good weather.


Even so, our dog boarding facilities in Surrey remain mindful of the risks that some dogs face. Recently shaved dogs, for example, may need to spend less time outdoors on really hot days because the sun could damage their skin. Fur is a protective barrier that keeps UV rays at bay. The team at our boarding kennels are very aware of such risks.


When arriving with us for animal day boarding or long-term boarding, we ultimately want your pet to enjoy their stay at Orchard Farm Kennels and to come back home with you in the very best of health. A healthy outdoor lifestyle is an important factor that we combine into every stay. We monitor factors such as direct sunlight carefully to ensure both you and your pet are happy with our services.


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